viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Project


1st part-->On 14 may, the board of directors that was formed by: Ana Lebrón, Don Pedro and the former director, came to our school. Each group presented their work to the board of directors. Each group had five minutes to present their dossier, after that the board of directors asked differents questions, at the end the teacher congratulated us our work. After the exposition he took us to have a drink at Venecia's Bar.

2nd part--> On 19 april, we went to Marbella to present our project to a really board of directors on the Hard Rock Cafe. We arrive there at 11 o'clock, we visited the establishment, we saw the memorabilia that they have, like: Madonna's corsette, Kiss jacket, Bon jovi's guitar, etc...
We had to do the presentation in front of our class, the board of directors and HRC staff. We were nervous but at the end we do it well, and the board of directors ask us some questions.
After present our work, the HRC invited us to have a drink and to eat some nachos. Later we went to "La cañada" to have lunch there and to visit the shops.
We returned back to Motril at 17.00.

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Let's rock it


The latest project of the term is "Hard Rock Cafe" it consists on making groups of 3 or 4 persons and find a place in Granada to build a hypothetical Hard Rock Cafe. We have to put the following points in our dossier:
-Buy/rent the local(look online prices)
-Decorate it (think about the main style , "80" modern, heavy rock...)
-Make the menu(Tax menu by the hard rock cafe and food typical Andalusian or Spanish)
-Invite music groups
-Do the budgets( how much we will spend in each thing) 
-Think where is placed the Hard Rock Cafe(because we chose this place, tourism ...)
We have a memorabilia and send to different groups and some of them have responded and send us a T-shirt and soon will send an CD(we can prove we have done the memorabilia). In the memorabilia we had to ask a souvenir a rock band for our work of English.
Then we had to write a letter to a board of directors form by some teacher Diego friends that will help us with the work. The letter consisted of describe to the board of directors what we are going to do in our project as if they knew nothing.
It still in process so I'll continue informing shortly.

Pecha Kucha


We have done a project honor of MLK's DAY, a Pecha Kucha, it consist in doing 20 slides about the life of MLK following some guidelines. It was not putting a lot of information, it was to put the concrete and precise information. I work with Lucia in the project, each one take care of 10 slides. We did it in a powerpoint and we send it to the teacher



Each year on January 15 is celebrated a day in honor of MLK, I will tell you a few things about him.
He was born in January 15, 1928 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Was a gifted men, at age 15 he joined a reserved young blacks school, at the age of 27 the obtained his doctorate.
Many people may be wondering why it is famous-is famous because he fought for the rights of African American people and equality among races. He obtained many advances achieved and passing laws to promote equality. He came to be compare with Gandhi.
King was awarded with the Nobel of Peace for his work for racial equality and civil rights in 1964.A recognition for non-violence and work against racial discriminations. The winner of a Nobel younger.
Is well known for his famous speech " I have a Dream" at August 28, 1963,  in front of the monument to Abraham Lincoln, during a demonstration that drew more than 200,000 citizens.

He died on 4 April 1968 (39 years) in Memphis, Tennessee,

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013


I know that i dind't write on my blog a few weeks ago because we move to is a new web that our teacher found and wer use it to post information and our post our work. Is a modern web and we can obtain differents badgets depending of  the different tasks, MLK's DAY, READING, TRINITY....
We have a lot of work there and i think we will be back soon to blog.

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Las crias

1.The hunter shot ad wounder a deer and ran after him. 

 2.When he was about to kill him ,his offsprings get out and he doesn't shot.

3. He fed the offsprings.

4.He healed the deer.

5.He droves the wolfs and extracted the bullet from the leg of the deer.

6.He lived with the deer and the offsprings until he was healthy.

7.He left the deer and his offsprings.

8.Whe he was far he hear a shot and ran back.

9. He saw an Indian man who kill the deer and his offsprings.

10.He saw his wife and childs and he go away.