viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Project


1st part-->On 14 may, the board of directors that was formed by: Ana Lebrón, Don Pedro and the former director, came to our school. Each group presented their work to the board of directors. Each group had five minutes to present their dossier, after that the board of directors asked differents questions, at the end the teacher congratulated us our work. After the exposition he took us to have a drink at Venecia's Bar.

2nd part--> On 19 april, we went to Marbella to present our project to a really board of directors on the Hard Rock Cafe. We arrive there at 11 o'clock, we visited the establishment, we saw the memorabilia that they have, like: Madonna's corsette, Kiss jacket, Bon jovi's guitar, etc...
We had to do the presentation in front of our class, the board of directors and HRC staff. We were nervous but at the end we do it well, and the board of directors ask us some questions.
After present our work, the HRC invited us to have a drink and to eat some nachos. Later we went to "La cañada" to have lunch there and to visit the shops.
We returned back to Motril at 17.00.

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